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Air conditioning services for our NHS

We are looking forward to getting underway the new projects for the NHS Ambulance Services in the South East.

Air conditioning maintenance tips

Tips for maintaining air conditioning systems:

  1. Have your air conditioning filter changed regularly and in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  2. Book an air conditioning service in the spring to avoid unnecessary breakdowns during the summer months
  3. Arrange for your air conditioning system to be cleaned regularly to avoid dirty coils, low airflow and good water drainage.

Plants that can help support your AC’s efficiency

Everyone is searching for more sustainable ways to live and green living is reaching the top of everyone’s agenda as more people try to tackle climate change. Growing indoor house plants can help soak up some of the warm air and enable oxygen to flow into the air. Some of the best plants to help keep you cool this summer include Aloe Vera plants, Bamboo Palms, Rubber Plants and Fiscus plants. Go greener this year and support your air conditioning system.

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