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Air Conditioning FAQs

How long will the air conditioning installation take?
Normally for one split or twin air conditioning system install it would be one day.

How often do I need my air con unit serviced?
For domestic units, we normally advise once a year… however for commercial/server room units in busy offices, we recommend at least twice a year.

Why should I take out a service contract for my air conditioning units?
We recommend having your air conditioning serviced regularly to ensure maximum efficiency out of your system and to minimise the chance of parts failing when not being cleaned properly. A service contract will ensure you don’t forget to book a service and prevent big repair bills.

Do the air con units make a lot of noise?
Our range of air conditioning units we install at Tuscan Air, make very little noise.

Do I need to cover up my condenser outside?
No, all condensers are made to be weatherproof. However, if you’d like to cover up the unit, it would need to be a slotted cover in order for the unit to continue working properly.

Will I need planning permission?
For many small installations, no you will not need planning permission as it falls under ‘permitted development rights’. However, for much larger multi-split air conditioning installations, planning permission may be required. For example, if a condenser is too close to the property boundary.

Can you install outside normal business hours?
Yes! We can carry out installations outside normal working hours to minimise disruption to your commercial/residential property. We can also offer air conditioning maintenance and servicing outside of your normal business hours. Please call to book a suitable appointment time.

Do the units come in different colours?
Yes! The manufacturers we use provide a range of different colours. If they do not have the colour you wish for, we can also get them sprayed to any RAL colour you provide us with.

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